Parador de Vilalba ****
C/ Valeriano Valdeuso, s/n
27800 - Vilalba (Lugo)

Lugo Province


This impressive medieval Galician tower, today a Parador, dominates the urban and rural landscape of this town in Lugo, capital of the fertile region of the 'Terra Chá', lands which grew up around this tower and in which the gentlemen of Andrade, Counts of Vilalba, would live.

The Parador offers cozy, peaceful spaces with a medieval look; the 6 rooms located in the tower and the Salon de los Andrade also share this style, all with mural paintings and coats of arms. In the shadow of the tower stands the new building, wrought in stone and in the style of a typical Galician palace, where the remaining 42 rooms, bar, restaurant, etc., are located. Among the gastronomic specialties lacón con grelos (cooked pork with turnip greens), empanada de raxo (pork and potato pie), beef brochettes and the famous capón vilalbés (capon Vilalba-style), star of the Christmas season, stand out.

The rooms:
What to eat...

Varied dishes. In the restaurant of the Parador, you will be able to enjoy varied dishes such as 'lacón' (salted shoulder of pork), Raxo pie, veal brochette, Vilalba 'roscón' (round cake), San Simón cheese... In Christmas time, the capon vilalbés, roasted in the Medieval way. Mouthwatering, is it?

Typical festivals

* San Ramón y Sta. María 31 August/1 September, Vilalba
* Feira Do Capon 21 December, Vilalba
* San Froilán 4 October, Lugo, 35 km.


* Vilalba. Natural spots around Magdalena and Ladra rivers, Alligal medicinal baths (with thermal springs), Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology
* Cospeito (10 km). Valverde Lagoons. (10 km)
* Mondoñedo (25 km). Diocese Museum and Cathedral
* Lugo (35 km). 3rd century Roman city wall, Cathedral, Historic Capital and monuments
* Rías Altas (70 km)
* A Coruña (86 km)
* Santiago de Compostela (105 km)

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