Parador de Salamanca ****
C/ Teso de la Feria, 2
37008 - Salamanca


This Parador rises up on the left bank of the river Tormes, on a hillock opposite the monumental centre of the city. Its large windows become an exceptional viewpoint of the city, an open-air museum, in which the towers of the cathedral stand out. Elegance, comfort and spaciousness are three of the traits which characterize the common rooms, the meeting rooms and the bedrooms. Decorated with good taste thanks to the presence of marble and other luxury materials, the interior offers unsurpassable panoramic views which can be contemplated from all the living rooms, the swimming pool or from the majority of the bedrooms. The dining room offers local dishes, such as 'hornazo' (bread filled with meat), 'farinato', Iberian sausages, Hinojosa cheese, 'tostón' (roast suckling pig), 'rosquillas de Ledesma' (a type of doughnut) and 'almendrados' (macaroons).

Typical festivals

* San Juan de Sahagún 12 June, Salamanca
* Virgen de la Vega 8 September, Salamanca
* Lunes de Aguas Monday after Easter


* Salamanca. Plaza Mayor, University, cathedrals, 'Casa de las Conchas' (House of the Shells)
* Alba de Tormes (20 km)
* Béjar mountains (70 km)
* La Peña de Francia (85 km)
* Valley of Las Batuecas, La Alberca

What to eat...

The best food of the land
Salamanca has very attractive dishes available for you at the Parador restaurant: hornazo, farinato, varied sausages, Hinojosa cheese, toast, Ledesma 'rosquillas' (ring-shaped cakes), and almond little cakes. Exquisite.

The hotel has comfortable and well furnished rooms that are equipped with modern amenities.
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