Parador de Zafra ****
Pza. Corazon de Maria, 7
06300 - Zafra (Badajoz)

Badajoz Province


The Parador de Zafra rises up in a majestic castle, on which construction was started in 1437 as the residence of the noble Spanish Dukes of Feria. The value of this castle-palace is expressed through a spectacular façade in an ideal setting to discover the monumental surroundings and the natural landscapes of the area. Nine battlemented towers jealously guard a regal, grandiose interior, which conserves beautiful coffered ceilings, large chests, ironwork, handrails and other decorative details belonging to the former palace.

Its bedrooms, which had Hernán Cortés as a guest, are stately, elegant and spacious. The swimming pool and the perfectly tended garden also stand out. The best dishes of the region can be found in the dining room, such as lamb stew, 'migas extremeñas' (fried breadcrumbs) and 'solomillo ibérico al queso de los Ibores' (Iberian sirloin with Ibores cheese).

The rooms:
What to eat...

Extremadura flavour. In the restaurant of the Zafra Parador, the best food of the region is served: 'caldereta de cordero' (lamb stew), 'migas extremeñas' (fried breadcrumbs), codfish, Serena cheese cake, Iberian sirloin steak with Ibores cheese sauce, and of course, cured ham.


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