Parador de Ferrol ***
C/ Almirante Fernandez Martin, s/n
15401 - Ferrol (A Coruna)


In the centre of Ferrol, an attractive, seafaring city, the Parador rises up, recreating in its image the essence of a Galician mansion with glazed galleries and a singular marine setting. The decoration displays nautical elements, world maps and navigational instruments in the common rooms and spaces. The main staircase has an ancient lamp from a boat and the maritime motifs abound in the living rooms.

The bedrooms are spacious and boast ochre and dark shades; some, with viewpoints and balconies, are favoured by magnificent views over the port. The restaurant offers a wide and varied display of exquisite Galician cooking. Its most representative dishes are 'pulpo a la mugardesa' (octopus with potatoes), 'rape a la coruñesa' (Coruña style monkfish) and 'sopa ferrolana' (seafood soup). The typical cake from Ferrol justly heads the dessert menu.

What to eat...

Soup and cake
Enjoy the excellent vistas through the Parador window panes, while you delight in eating Ferrol soup, octopus, or anglerfish. The best dessert is the Ferrol cake.

The rooms:

* Ferrol. La Magdalena quarter; churches, Dockyards
* Pontedeume (16 km)
* Ermita de Chanteiro (hermitage) (12 km)
* Fragas del Eume and Caaveiro monastery (26 km)
* Monfero monastery (41 km)
* Doñinos, Cobas and Valdoviño beaches (8-10 km)

El Parador de Ferrol está situado en el centro del Ferrol, en una parte muy marítima y atractiva de la ciudad. El Parador se levanta con un estilo tradicional Gallego, con amplias galerias y señales inequivocamente marineras. En el interior descubrimos detalles náuticos, mapas del mundo e intrumentos de navegación.


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