Parador de Bielsa ***
Valle de Pineta, s/n
22350 - Bielsa (Huesca)

Huesca Province

This welcoming mountain hut is located in one of the now classical enclaves for outdoor sports and activities, the western slopes of the Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997. The pure air of the Pyrenees and of the Monte Perdido, the clean waters of the river Cinca and the tradition of the Romanesque hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Pineta, offer a warm feeling of well-being, peace and quiet. Floors, walls, beams and columns lined with wood contain modern and comfortable furniture. The bedrooms have beautiful views of this lovely natural enclave.

The cooking of Upper Aragón, strong and spicy, offers simple but tasty dishes: 'migas aragonesas' (fried breadcrumbs), Cinca river trout 'a lo fino', roast young lamb, leg of wild boar and the puff-pastry dessert from Aragón, 'teresicas'.

What to eat...

Discover the exquisite Aragonese migas We invite you to taste the best typical dishes of Northern Aragon: trout from the Cinca river, roasted veal meat, wild boar leg, 'teresicas de Aragón', and certainly, 'migas aragonesas' (fried breadcrumbs).

Typical festivals

* San Lorenzo 10 August, Huesca, 148 km.
* Fiesta Mayor 15 August, Bielsa, 14 km.


* Romanesque Routes in the province of Huesca. Tella (34 km), Bestue (48 km), Fanlo (56 km)
* Valleys of Gistain and Plan (40 km)

The rooms:


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