Parador de Ubeda ****
Pza. de Vazquez Molina, s/n
23400 - Ubeda (Jaen)

Jaen Province


This Parador rises up in the most Renaissance square of the aristocratic and monumental town of Úbeda, next to some of the most beautiful buildings, in a former palace built in the 16th century and altered in the 17th, which belonged to the dean of the Sacred chapel of El Salvador. The façade of the Parador conceals a very beautiful inner courtyard with a double gallery whose upper part is glazed. Its friendly and comfortable bedrooms stand out for the height of their ceilings. Worthy of note are the six which look onto the square and the suite, located in the opposite corner, from which a wide panoramic view of the Vázquez de Molina square can be enjoyed. Andalusian details and dishes adorn the space occupied by the dining room, which offers good peppers stuffed with partridge, bull's tail in red wine from La Loma and stewed kid with pine nuts.

What to eat...

Stuffed peppers. Sit down at the Parador restaurant and pick up something from the menu. You will surely like it, whatever it is: bull¿s tail with red wine sauce, goat steww with pineseeds, peppers stuffed with partridge.

Typical festivals

* San Miguel Fair from 28 September to 4 October, Úbeda
* San Agustín Fair from 28 August to 4 September , Linares, 25 km.
* International Festival of Music and Dance May/June, Úbeda


* Úbeda. Squares, chapel of El Salvador, Vázquez de Molina palace, Santiago hospital
* Baeza (8 km). Squares
* Jimena (28 km). La Graja Cave
* Linares (27 km). Ruins of Cástulo
* Andújar (63 km). House of Don Gome's children
* Jaén (57 km)
* Guided tours of Cazorla Natural Park.(70 km)

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The most attractive feature of the rooms is their high ceilings. They are decorated in wood and tiled floors giving a comforting and cozy atmosphere. The six bedrooms facing the square, where the hotel is located and the one facing the cathedral deserve a special mention.