Parador de Cordoba ****
Avda. de la Arruzafa, s/n
14012 Cordoba


Located on the ruins of the small summer palace of Abderramán I, a hill surrounded by vegetation at the foot of the Cordoba mountain range, the Parador offers an exceptional panoramic view of the legendary city of the caliphs. The building brims with freshness, as it enjoys a temperature 4ºC lower than in the city. That feeling of well-being is enhanced by the swimming pool and the surrounding grounds (featuring a new garden known as 'Los Naranjos' ('The Orange Trees'), where the first palm trees planted in Europe maybe found. The inner rooms are elegant and very bright, with large living rooms and spacious bedrooms. The dining room offers 'salmorejo cordobés' (cold vegetable soup), 'gazpacho blanco de almendras' (cold almond soup) and steak in green sauce.

What to eat...

'Salmorejo cordobés' (cold vegetables soup) In the restaurant at the Parador, which has a mixed Arabic and Andalusian decoration, you must try the ¿salmorejo¿ (a cold vegetables soup), and the white almonds ¿gazpacho¿ (cold soup). Exquisite.

Typical festivals

* May Fair
* Crosses and courtyards in April and May
* Fuensanta
* Holy Week


* Córdoba. Heritage of Mankind. Mosque, Jewish quarter, Christian Monarchs Fortress
* Medina Azahara Archaeological Area (6 km)
* Almodóvar del Río (30 km)
* La Rambla (30 km). Typical village
* Palma del Río (50 km). Typical Andalusian village

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