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Paradores of Spain

Sleep with History and charm on your next trip to Spain.

For those of you who do not know what a "Parador" is let us explain... They are a chain of historical and regional establishments "Inns" in unique locations and within monumental buildings like: Castles, Monasteries, Noble Mansions, Palaces...

The Spanish Paradores are one of the most prestigious chains of hotels in Spain offering travellers a comfortable and memorable stay when touring throughout this vast country. Our specialists over the years have put together various tour itineraries for clients including selected paradores for their overnight stays. For example a popular route you could choose from would be to follow the ancient pilgrimage trail of St. James staying in historic paradores along the way ending the tour at the Parador de Santiago - Hostal dos Reis Catolicos (Former Hospital built by the Catholic Kings), considered to be the oldest hotel in the world and one of the most luxurious classed at a five star grand luxury.

A Coruna / Region: Galicia
Reis Catolicos

Parador Reis Catolicos **** Santiago de Compostela ROYAL HOSPITAL, A REFUGE FOR PILGRIMS AT THE END OF THE 15TH C.

Mixture of history, art and tradition, the dream of pilgrims and an emblem of Santiago, the 'Hostal Reyes Católicos', located in the Plaza do Obradoiro, forms a magnificent golden corner with the cathedral, imparting beauty on one of the most visited regional capitals of the world. The 'Hostal', which originated as a Royal Hospital in 1499 to give shelter to the numerous travellers making their way to Santiago, today continues to invite the traveller to enjoy a universal and fascinating city. Considered to be the oldest hotel in the world, it is also one of the most luxurious and beautiful.

Parador de Ferrol


In the centre of Ferrol, an attractive, seafaring city, the Parador rises up, recreating in its image the essence of a Galician mansion with glazed galleries and a singular marine setting. The decoration displays nautical elements, world maps and navigational instruments in the common rooms and spaces. The main staircase has an ancient lamp from a boat and the maritime motifs abound in the living rooms. The bedrooms are spacious and boast ochre and dark shades; some, with viewpoints and balconies, are favoured by magnificent views over the port.

Parador de Argomaniz

Parador de Argomaniz *** Region: Euskadi (Basque Country)/ NOBLE STONE PALACE

The Parador occupies a splendid Renaissance palace, from which it dominates the natural beauty of the Plains of Álava, the Gorbea mountain range and the Ullibarri Gamboa reservoir. The surroundings invite you to wander around the small, pleasant village of Argómaniz, also ideal for enjoying the beautiful natural spaces. The palace, where Napoleon regained his strength before attacking the town of Vitoria, boasts the Larrea family coat of arms on the façade of the building and a wonderful interior atmosphere, with the spacious living rooms standing out.

Parador de Albacete

Parador de Albacete *** A GARDEN IN THE HEART OF LA MANCHA

Located on the plains of La Mancha, in a setting which offers the appropriate conditions for open-air activities, the Parador offers the traveller all the privileges necessary to enjoy a peaceful, relaxed stay. The garden and the swimming pool create an atmosphere which invites you to rest, to stroll or to have a refreshing dip on warm summer evenings. This La Mancha country house, with its attractive corridor, is characterized on the inside by an elegant simplicity, where the natural light acquires prominence.

Alicante province
Parador de Javea


The Parador is located in the beautiful town of Jávea/Xábia, to the north of the Costa Blanca, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean. Ideal for water sports, an immense sea surrounds it and competes in beauty with its garden, an orchard of palm trees, bougainvilleas and other tropical species around its magnificent swimming pool. Green is the protagonist here, not just because it shapes the colour, but because it brings the freshness necessary to enjoy sunny summer evenings.

Parador de Mojacar

Parador de Mojacar *** OPEN TO THE MEDITERRANEAN

On the Mojácar coast, with the best micro-climate in Spain, the Hotel offers gorgeous views of the blue Mediterranean. The ideal spot to enjoy these quiet beaches or to let sport bring you into contact with nature.

Parador de Cangas de Onis

Tradition has it that King Alfonso I 'The Catholic' constructed this building on 21 February 746, and the excavations carried out at the start of the refurbishing work to turn it into a Parador de Turismo confirm this idea. The current monastery was founded on this site and run by the Order of San Benito until the Desamortización de 1835 (Large-scale selling of State and Church assets).Two rooms with archeological remains, pottery in particular, uncovered during the refurbishing work are testament to this distant past. The monastery was declared a National Monument in 1907, and features an added wing of perfectly harmonious architectural and constructional qualities: truly a jewel set on the green banks of the River Sella, in whose waters the hotel is reflected.


El Parador de Cangas de Onis es verdaderamente una joya en el río Sella. La belleza de los Picos de Europa es una de las vistas privilegiadas de los huéspedes. Este sitio es el punto de salida ideal para descubrir toda la belleza natural, gastronómica y tradicional de las tierras de Asturias.

Parador de Avila

Parador de Avila **** Region: Castile and Leon/ 16TH CENTURY PALACE

This Parador rises up on the former 'Piedras Albas' palace in the historical centre of monumental Ávila, backing onto the majestic city walls. In harmony with its surroundings, the interior conserves a warm, intimate air in a splendidly recovered atmosphere which enriches all the common rooms. Beautiful decorative elements, granite and abode floors, bright colours and spacious bedrooms, some with four-poster beds, make up a harmonious and bright whole. The garden also stands out, with archaeological remains, as does the magnificent glazed patio, the modular rooms and the cafeteria.

Parador de Credos


Nestled in pine forests and beside the Gredos Sierra, this Parador is housed in a stone building dating from 1928. The terrace, library and elegant lounge look out over the lovely gardens.

Escape to the beautiful countryside of Castile and Leon this holiday and sleep in style within this majestic Parador. The Gredos was one of the first Paradors and in typical Parador style, is decorated in a classical style, completely in harmony with the buildings age and history.

Badajoz Province
Parador de Badajoz

The Parador conserves the structure of the former 18th c. convent, installed on the remains of a temple dedicated to the Concordia de Augusto, and offers the guest the opportunity to experience the rich heritage of the beautiful town of Mérida and surrounding natural areas.
Some of the most noteworthy spaces are the living room, the inner patio and the beautiful gardens where the 'Jardín de Antiguedades' (Garden of Antiquities) is located.
The garden is an archeological ensemble made up of Roman, Mudejar and Visigothic elements.

Parador de Merida **** 18TH CENTURY CONVENT
El Parador de Mérida conserva la estructura de su edificio antiguo, un convento del Siglo XVIII, levantado sobre las ruinas de un antiguo templo dedicado a la Concordia de Augusto.

Parador de Zafra

The Parador de Zafra rises up in a majestic castle, on which construction was started in 1437 as the residence of the noble Spanish Dukes of Feria. The value of this castle-palace is expressed through a spectacular façade in an ideal setting to discover the monumental surroundings and the natural landscapes of the area. Nine battlemented towers jealously guard a regal, grandiose interior, which conserves beautiful coffered ceilings, large chests, ironwork, handrails and other decorative details belonging to the former palace.

Parador de Zafra **** 15TH CENTURY CASTLE

Es una reconversión de un castillo del siglo XV, donde Hernan Cortés vivía. Está situado en el centro de la ciudad, la cual ha sido declarada de interés histórico y artístico.

Barcelona Province
Parador de Cardona

The Parador is located on a headland, in a fortified 9th c. enclosure in which there is also the 2nd c. Minyona tower and an 11th c. church, representative elements of the Catalan Romanesque of its surroundings. Its location offers an exceptional panoramic view of the town and of the fertile lands bathed by the river Cardoner. Some bedrooms have the charm of four poster beds. Moats, towers, walls and Gothic elements combine with a decoration in which comfort and Catalan-inspired medieval furniture predominate.


El hotel se halla encima de una montaña que mide 154 metros de altura y gracias a ello cuenta con vistas que se extienden sobre 40 km de distancia.

Parador de Vic-Sau

The Parador is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the region of Osona, with the Guillerías mountains in the background and the Sau reservoir at its feet. The tranquillity of the setting favours outdoor and adventure sports, and the visiting of ancient Romanesque churches. This is the Parador closest to Barcelona (82 km by dual carriageway); visits can be made to this cosmopolitan city and back in a very short time.

Parador de Vic-Sau **** A FARM WITH VIEWS

El hotel se halla a 14 km de Vich, rodeado de preciosos campos, sobre el nivel del mar, en una zona montañosa de Guillería y con excelentes vistas al pantano que alberga las aguas que llegan al río desde las montañas.

Burgos Province
Parador de Lerma

At the highest point of the town of Lerma is found the Ducal Palace. It was constructed on the site of a 15th c. castle and built according to architect Francisco de Mora's plans in successive phases between 1601 and 1617. Francisco Gómez de Sandoval y Rojas, first Duke of Lerma, ordered the castle built as a place of lodging, rest an general enjoyment for King Felipe III.THE PARADOR
This building features a central courtyard surrounded by columned arcades in altenating sections: the first has 20 Tuscan columns with semi-circular arches, and the second has 20 Ionic columns.

Parador de Lerma **** Region: Castile and Leon / 17TH-CENTURY DUCAL PALACE

En el punto más elevado de la ciudad de Lerma se encuentra el Palacio Ducal. Fue construido en el siglo XV como lugar de descanso, alojamiento y ocio en general para el Rey Felipe III.

Caceres Province
Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

In the middle of the orchard of La Vera and El Tiétar and set among ravines, natural pools, chestnut and oak forrests this castle-palace finds its shelter. Its surroundings feature natural scenery of rare beauty which enhance the richness of this historical and monumental setting which, for several months, was home to an illustrious guest: Emperor Charles V. The most outstanding exterior features include the turrets, the parade ground and the excellent swimming-pool, with olive and orange trees. Inside, we find halls with fireplaces, and the recently redecorated rooms which provide an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.

Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera **** MEDIEVAL 15TH CENTURY CASTLE-PALACE

El hotel lleva el nombre de el emperador que vivió en este antiguo castillo-palacio, que hoy en día es un Parador. El edificio conserva sus paredes originales y su puente levadizo.

Parador de Plasencia

The Parador is the former Convent of Santo Domingo, founded by the Zúñiga family in the middle of the 15th century, built in gothic style both inside and out. With its marvellous location at the very heart of the historical quarter of Plasencia, it is the ideal point from which to discover the architectural delights of this unique city, as well as the marvellous surrounding country side.

Parador de Plasencia **** A CONVENT DATING FROM THE 15TH TO 17TH CENTURY

Con su maravillosa ubicación en el corazón del barrio histórico de Plasencia, es el punto de ideal para descubrir la encantadora arquitectura de esta ciudad única, como el maravilloso campo de alrededor.

Parador de Caceres

The former Torreorgaz Palace, built on Arabic foundations, has a door with a lintel and a Baroque coat of arms, is located in the heart of the historical and artistic quarter of Cáceres, a town declared a World Heritage Site. Founded by Diego García de Ulloa, knight of the Order of Santiago, the Parador, a 14th c. construction, is presided over by its slender tower. The styles personalized in the building and its monumental surroundings, are Gothic, Renaissance and baroque.

Parador de Caceres **** 14TH CENTURY PALACE / Region: Extremadura

Este hotel está situado dentro del Palacio del Comendador, llamado así porque fue fundado por Don Diego García Ulloa, Comandante de la Orden de Santiago, en el siglo XIV y se encuentra en el barrio antiguo de Cáceres.

Parador de Guadalupe

The Parador, built in convent style, rises up on what was the former Hospital of St. John the Baptist, a historical 15th c. building. It is a comfortable, friendly space, with whitewashed arches adorned with vegetation, an invitation to peace and quiet in the setting of a beautiful town declared a Historical and Artistic Monument. The garden stands out with its luxuriant plants and flowers, its secluded swimming pool, spacious common rooms on the inside with white walls, and bedrooms which recall the religious function of its origins.

Parador de Guadalupe **** Historic 15th c. Hospital w/pool in Monumental Town

Parador de Trujillo

This beautiful Parador is located in the monumental town of Trujillo, the birthplace of discoverers, in the former Santa Clara monastery, conserving the atmosphere of peace and quiet offered by its conventual structure. Two beautiful cloisters stand out inside, one Renaissance with arches and columns, the other offering the site a note of luminosity which embellishes the surroundings. Ideal for rest, leisure and work, the Parador has monastic style common rooms and details, spacious, quiet and pleasant living rooms, noble bedrooms in which wood takes precedence and a bar located in the space which the refectory formerly occupied.

Parador de Trujillo **** 16TH C. CONVENT

Parador de Arcos de la Frontera

Boasting impressive views over the fertile plains below the Andalusian town of Arcos de la Frontera, this Parador hotel is perfect for relaxation in this charming, white-washed town.

Parador de Arcos de la Frontera has traditional-style, Andalusian decorative features, including an interior courtyard, where you can keep cool in the hot summer temperaturas.

Parador de Arcos de la Frontera *** Region: Andalusia( HISTORICAL PALACE

Parador de Cadiz

Modern tourist complex next to the Genovés park and by the sea, the Parador has impressive views of the sea and the Bay of Cádiz. Located in a residential area surrounded by palm trees, it has exclusive access to a small beach. It is also a good starting point to discover the entire province (White Villages Route, Toro Route, Wine Route, etc.), plus the small villages of the coast of Cádiz. The spacious, bright bedrooms, carefully decorated, have panoramic views, an invitation for peace and relaxation.

Parador de Cadiz **** Region: Andalusia/ NEXT TO THE ATLANTIC ON THE COAST OF CADIZ

Parador Atlantico Hotel Cadiz is located next to the Parque Genoves and is an ideal place for you to reside. Situated in a residential area surrounded by palm trees, the property has exclusive access to the small beach. Towns such as the Arcos De La Frontera, Jerez de la frontera and Puerto de Santa Maria can be easily visited from the hotel.

Parador de Gil Blas

Parador Gil Blas **** Santillana del Mar

Set in the main square in the beautiful Cantabrian town of Santillana del Mar, this attractive and modern hotel provides the perfect ambience for a relaxing getaway.

Sit back and read in the impressive courtyard, or soak up the sun in the summer months.

Explore the charming town of Santillana del Mar, which was declared a national monument, and the origins of which date back to the eighth century.

Parador de Santillana del Mar

Parador de Santillana del Mar *** CANTABRIAN-STYLE MANOR HOUSE

This newly built manor house conserves the typical architecture of the area, blending in perfectly with the architectural surroundings of this beautiful locale. Comfortable rooms with a pleasant atmosphere help the guest to find peacefulness and rest. The restaurant and bar, located in the Parador Santillana Gil Blas offer guests the opportunity to sample Cantabrian cuisine's most traditional dishes.

Parador de Limpias

Parador de Limpias **** 19TH CENTURY PALACE

The new Parador in Limpias is located in the Palace of Eguilior estate, which was the summer headquarters of King Alfonso XIII's Council. The palace belonged to Don Manuel de Eguilior, the Count of Albox, and is attributed to the architect Emilio de la Torriente.
The palace is a large square building with four pseudo-towers at each corner, none of which is very high. Built in a rustic style, some of its most notable features include the masonry of its walls (contrasting with the corner ashlars) and especially the large balconies and historicist entrance gate with a touch of modernism.

Castellon Province
Parador de Benicarlo

This Parador is located next to the quiet beaches of Benicarló, in the heart of the Costa del Azahar, just 30 metres from the sea. It has a monumental garden (20,000m2) in which the well cared-for lawn, the swimming pool and the exotic palm trees stand out. Summer barbecues, a tennis court and children's playground are a complement to a quiet but active stay, thanks to the numerous activities which can be undertaken.

Parador de Benicarlo *** Region: Valencia /WITH A MEDITERRANEAN FLAVOUR

El hotel se encuentra al lado del mar, a las afueras de Benicarlo, en la carretera hacia Peñíscola. Benicarlo es un pueblo costero de la región, conocido como el Bajo Maestrazgo. Está entre palmeras cerca del mar en el extremo norte de la Costa del Azahar.

Parador la Muralla

Parador La Muralla Hotel **** BY THE SEA WITH AN "ANDALUSÍ" AIR

The Parador occupies a modern building backing on to the ancient Royal Walls, in the Plaza de Nuestra Señora de África, the nerve centre of Ceuta. Its position offers a magnificent panoramic view of the sea, the historical centre of the city and even the coast of the Iberian peninsula. An impregnable fortress for centuries, the vaults of the former Artillery Stores were constructed on the city walls and are now fitted out as suites. The bedrooms look over a garden filled with palm trees, with a well cared-for swimming pool and exceptional views of the sea.

Ciudad Real / Region: Castile and La Mancha
Parador de Almagro

The Convent of San Francisco, built by the Dávila de la Cueva family in 1596, is located in a historical-artistic position of great interest, which offers the traveller the opportunity to discover the most beautiful parts of this town and the natural spaces surrounding it, among which stand out the Tablas de Daimiel. The inner rooms are welcoming with an elegant, peaceful air, with the 14 inner courtyards, the splendid garden and the swimming pool standing out from the ensemble. The bedrooms, installed in the former monastic cells, also offer peace and quiet. Beautiful galleries, wood and latticework complete the inner atmosphere.

Parador de Almagro **** 6TH C. FRANCISCAN CONVENT/ Region: Castile and La Mancha

Construido por la familia Dávila de la Cueva en 1596, el Parador de Almagro está situado en un lugar de gran interés histórico - artístico, un lugar que ofrece al viajero la posibilidad de descubrir los más bellos rincones del pueblo de Almagro y de sus alrededores.

Parador de Manzanares

This Parador is located in a La Mancha style country house in Manzanares, between three of the most beautiful nature reserves of the country: Cabañeros, the Ruidera Lagoons and the Tablas de Daimiel. Trees, shrubs, gardens and plants fill the space with green, and, along with its swimming pool, make it a very desirable spot in the La Mancha landscape. The common rooms and bedrooms have wooden furniture, leather chairs and wrought iron wall lights, which contribute to an affable and friendly atmosphere.


Parador de Cordoba

Located on the ruins of the small summer palace of Abderramán I, a hill surrounded by vegetation at the foot of the Cordoba mountain range, the Parador offers an exceptional panoramic view of the legendary city of the caliphs. The building brims with freshness, as it enjoys a temperature 4ºC lower than in the city. That feeling of well-being is enhanced by the swimming pool and the surrounding grounds (featuring a new garden known as 'Los Naranjos' ('The Orange Trees'), where the first palm trees planted in Europe maybe found.

Parador de Cordoba **** Region: Andalusia -VIEWPOINT OVER THE CITY OF THE CALIPHS

Parador de Alarcon

This castle of S. VIII, authentic medieval fortress, is based in a meander of the Júcar river, on a promontory in you are contiguous manchego-levantinas.

The architecture of the Parador, which occupies the medieval castle of the Marquises of Villena, is the result of more than three centuries of history. Founded by the Muslims in the 8th century, it was captured by King Alfonso VIII in the 12th century.

Parador de Alarcon **** MEDIEVAL ARAB FORTRESS /Castile and La Mancha

Este Parador está situado en un meandro del Río Júcar, en un promontorio, en el límite de La Mancha y Levante. Es fácil de encontrar, pues su entrada está en la propia ciudad.


The former convent of San Pablo occupies a privileged position in the Hoz del Huécar gorge, a compendium of sheer walls and luxuriant vegetation on the outskirts of Cuenca, next to the 'Casas Colgadas' (Suspended Houses). The glazed cloister, and the former chapel, now an inviting café, complement an interior which combines traditional elements with more contemporary details such as wicker, leather and upholstery. The comfortable, welcoming bedrooms stand out, some of which have splendid views of the 'Casas Colgadas', in addition to the conference rooms, the bar and a wonderful dining room decorated with exquisite taste.

Parador de Cuenca **** Region: Castile and La Mancha/16TH C. CONVENT NEXT TO THE "CASAS COLGADAS"

El Parador de Cuenca ocupa una posición privilegiada en Hoz del Huécar, un compendio de muros y amplia vegetación en Cuenca.

Gijon- Region: Asturias
Parador de Gijon

The Parador occupies hundred-year-old mill, located in the Isabel La Católica Park, one of the most beautiful spots in the town of Gijón. It has a beautiful pond, which offers great harmony and tranquility. The closeness of San Lorenzo beach and of the Cimadevilla sailors' quarter, convert it into an ideal place to enjoy unforgettable days. It has a spacious, friendly and bright interior which recreates the warmth of the setting in bedrooms and common rooms, while the closeness of the sea can be felt from their windows. 'Fabada' (rich stew of beans, pork, etc.) is the dining room's star dish, although beans ('fabes') are included in other preparations.


Antiguamente un molino del siglo XIX en el parque de Isabel la Católica, cerca de la playa de San Lorenzo, el hotel se encuentra en una ubicación ideal para explorar la ciudad, que todavía conserva el encanto de los puertos antiguos del Cantábrico.

Girona Province
Parador de Aiguablava

The Parador de Aiguablava overlooks the sea, surrounded by pine trees, in an exceptional enclave, the Punta D'es Muts, where the traveller can enjoy beautiful beaches, coves and natural spaces. It is an ideal location for sports and open-air activities, as well as relaxing walks through beautiful green areas. Under the special light of the Mediterranean, the building offers its guests a high level of comfort and numerous services both for the individual guest and for business meetings.

Parador de Aiguablava **** Begur / Catalonia

Este Parador se encuentra encima de una colina con bonitos alrededores. Está a 46 km de Gerona, a 146 km de Barcelona y a 4 km de Bagur. Tiene fácil acceso a Figueras y Cadaques.

Parador de Granada

Parador de Granada **** Historic 5TH C. Convent in Monumental Town

Spending a night in the gardens of the Alhambra, among fountains, trees and large arched windows is the exclusive opportunity offered by this Parador, a former convent built by decision of the Catholic Monarchs. This monumental ensemble proposes placid walks around the city for the guest, although the building itself invites you to discover a dreamlike interior, where Arabic and Christian styles mix. Its bedrooms offer exceptional views of the Generalife, the Secano gardens and the Albaicín, while the classical furniture and numerous portraits mark the decoration of the interior rooms.

Guadalajara Province
Parador de Siguenza

El hotel fue originalmente un castillo visigodo, luego una fortaleza árabe y más tarde fue convertido en un Palacio Episcopal. Los últimos habitantes del castillo fueron monjes, y esto ha dado al edificio una impresionante personalidad.

Parador de Siguenza **** 12TH CENTURY MEDIEVAL CASTLE

Installed in an Arabic citadel, which was constructed on a Roman settlement, construction on this imposing castle began in 1123, and was the residence of bishops, cardinals and kings. It is a suitable location to enjoy this historical town, close to very beautiful natural spaces. The traditional Castilian furniture is displayed with taste in the spacious, friendly bedrooms, some with four poster beds and terrace, genuine royal chambers in a palace which conserves stately living rooms, ideal for meetings and celebrations, and a 13th c.

Parador de Mazagon

Located in the Doñana Environment Nature Reserve, the Parador rises up facing the ocean and next to the spacious Mazagón beach, in the middle of a pine wood. An ideal spot to enjoy nature and the blue waters of the Atlantic. The building has a splendid garden with outdoor and heated pools, a gym, sauna and Jacuzzi among other features. The interior is characterized by pleasant and welcoming rooms with decorative details which bring joy and brightness.

Parador de Mazagon **** NATURAL SETTING BY THE SEA

Situado en la Reserva Natural de Doñana, el Parador de Mazagón - Huelva - se levanta mirando hacia el Océano y junto a la amplia playa de Mazagón, en medio de un precioso bosque de Pinios. Es el lugar ideal para disfrutar del entorno natural y de las azules aguas del Atlántico.

Parador de Ayamonte

The dazzling Huelva sun lights up the blue course of the Guadiana, until it flows out into the waters of the Atlantic. A peaceful refuge in the high quarters of the town, featuring panoramic views, the Parador is a quiet spot ideal for rest. The halls and rooms are fitted with modern facilities which are lit up by the Ayamonte sun and the simple shades of the decor, producing a feeling of calm.

Parador de Ayamonte **** Region: Andalusia/ VANTAGE POINT OVER THE MOUTH OF THE RIVER GUADIANA

Se encuentra donde estaba el antiguo Castillo de Ayamonte, que fué, originalmente, un castillo de rocas, y el pueblo fue construido a las laderas de la colina donde se edificó el castillo.

Huesca Province
Parador de Bielsa

This welcoming mountain hut is located in one of the now classical enclaves for outdoor sports and activities, the western slopes of the Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997. The pure air of the Pyrenees and of the Monte Perdido, the clean waters of the river Cinca and the tradition of the Romanesque hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Pineta, offer a warm feeling of well-being, peace and quiet.

Parador de Bielsa *** Region: Aragon/ PYRENEAN REFUGE AT THE FOOT OF MONTE PERDIDO

El Parador de Bielsa - Provincia de Huesca, es un lugar privilegiado para descubrir la espléndido zona donde está ubicado, un lugar ideal para la práctica de actividades al aire libre.

Parador de Gomera

This Parador, with typical island architecture, invites the guest to enjoy its paradisiacal setting and to contemplate unsurpassable views of the ocean, with the island of Tenerife and the Teide in the background. The interior is filled with marine references and navigational instruments which recall the ships of Columbus, which left the island for America. In the living rooms, the furniture combines Castilian and Isabelline styles, although a very personal, elegant and distinguished Canary Islands air is also conserved. The welcoming bedrooms, the swimming pool and the garden, exuberant and filled with subtropical species, are some of the attractions which complete the interior.

Parador de Gomera **** Region: Canarias (Canary Islands)

Parador de Ubeda

This Parador rises up in the most Renaissance square of the aristocratic and monumental town of Úbeda, next to some of the most beautiful buildings, in a former palace built in the 16th century and altered in the 17th, which belonged to the dean of the Sacred chapel of El Salvador. The façade of the Parador conceals a very beautiful inner courtyard with a double gallery whose upper part is glazed.


Tomó su nombre de una de las más importantes personalidades de la ciudad. Se encuentra en un palacio magnífico, construido en los siglos XVI y XVII. Está situado en la zona más atractiva de la ciudad, entre muchos monumentos renacentistas.

Parador de Jaen

The privileged location of the Parador on Santa Catalina Hill offers it the character of defensive bastion of the Jaén horizon. Origin and destination to discover the charm of the Andalusian Renaissance, the hotel has a refreshing swimming pool which, along with the exterior stone, offers protection from the burning sun which inundates the surroundings. The monumental appearance is maintained on the inside, where the impressive 20 m. high crossed arches of the main living room, the dining room, with a marked Arabic character, and the comfortable and friendly bedrooms with magnificent panoramic views stand out.


La privilegiada situación del Parador de Jean se debe gracias al caracter de bastión y fortaleza que posee la ciudad de Jaén. Para mayores detalles, los transportes públicos y los trenes son de fácilmente accesibles desde el parador.

Parador de Cazorla

The Parador is located In the heart of the Cazorla Nature Reserve, in the spot known as Sacejo. Its height offers it unsurpassable panoramic views of the surroundings, in which hillsides covered with pine trees native to these mountains abound. The atmosphere of tranquility and beauty of enclaves like the Cañada de las Fuentes, or the 'Salto de Linarejos', makes it a meeting point for lovers of nature. The building revives the tradition of the typical Andalusian country house, which is a distinguishing feature of the exterior.

Parador de Cazorla *** IN THE HEART OF NATURE - Region: Andalusia

La Rioja
Parador de Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The Parador occupies a 12th century former hospital, built by Saint Dominic to give shelter to the pilgrims on the road to Santiago.

The Parador de Santo Domingo de la Calzada La Rioja is located in the old quarter of the town, in the Plaza del Santo, next to the Cathedral.

Parador de Santo Domingo de la Calzada **** FORMER HOSPITAL ON THE PILGRIMS' ROAD TO SANTIAGO

Este Parador ocupa un hospicio histórico construido en el siglo XII por Santo Domingo para alojar a peregrinos enfermos con ruta a Santiago de Compostela. La catedral (un monumento nacional) está junto al Parador. Logroño se encuentra a 46 Km. y Madrid a 306 Km.

Parador de Santo Domingo Bernardo de Fresneda

Parador de Santo Domingo Bernardo de Fresneda *** Convent of San Francisco

Under the modern cupola which covers the novices patio, we may find the "Recreo" Restaurant, whose name refers to the break the monks used to take in that same patio. This new gastronomical offer is based on La Rioja's wonderful products, which are prepared in a simple way. The menu abounds with tapas and sampler dishes for sharing. The décor and the waiters' outfits are in unison with the restaurant's modern features and the wine list offers the most innovative products of the region's cellars.

Parador de Calahorra

This red brick construction harmoniously contrasts with the fresh water of the river Ebro and the Cidacos Valley. The dense vegetation of the garden, filled with flowers and palm trees, is inserted in one of the most important historical and artistic ensembles of La Rioja. The most representative building of the former Calagurris, of Roman origin, is the Cathedral. Wide portals, large windows and blinds adorn a structure with smooth lines which, inside, has a decoration with a clear Medieval influence.

Parador de Calahorra *** Modern Building in Historic town in Wine Region

El Parador de Calahorra es un edificio de ladrillo rojo que contrasta con las aguas frescas del río Ebro y con el Valle de Cidacos en la ciudad de La Rioja.

Lleida Province -Region: Catalonia
Parador de Vielha

This Parador rises up in the Val d'Arán, an area of unequalled beauty. Here green and white landscapes alternate, always bathed in the radiant light of the Pyrenees. An ideal spot for skiers, excursion and nature lovers, the Parador's rooms offer unbeatable panoramas of the mountains, which look even more spectacular when seen from the circular restaurant's many windows.


Este Parador se halla en la bonita zona del Valle de Arán, rodeado de un entorno natural inigualable, impregnado del radiante paisaje de los Pirineos; un lugar ideal para los amantes de la naturaleza, d elas excursiones y de los deportes de invierno.

Parador de Arties

Located in the 'Val dArán', just 7 km from Baqueira, in an area of the Catalan Pyrenees where the woods, the snow-capped peaks in winter and the freshness of the green in summer are the true protagonists of the landscape. The Parador, in the style of the local architecture, rises up in the so-called House of D. Gaspar de Portolá, the discoverer of California

Parador de Arties *** Arties - Region: Catalonia

Este Parador se llama "Don Gaspar de Portola". Se encuentra en el pueblo turístico de Arties, en la pintoresca zona de los Pirineos llamada Valle de Aran. Pertenece a la ciudad de Lerida y es un paraíso natural con abundante vegetación y pequeños pueblos.

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell

This Parador rises up next to the Romanesque cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell, in a monumental setting also open to nature, which attracts numerous hikers, lovers of mountains and no end of tourists making their way to the Andorran paradise. The world-famous Parc Olimpic del Segre Canoeing Championships are held on the river Segre here during the summer.

Parador de La Seu D'Urgell *** A VERDANT CLOISTER

Este Parador se halla muy cerca de la iglesia románica de La Seu d'Urgell , muy cerca también de Andorra y de otras atracciones de interés.

Parador de Leon

Construction began around 1515 on this monumental building, which features a Spanish Plateresque façade. The past makes its appearance in the Cloister, Church, Choir and Chapterhouse, and the present in the careful renovation-work, combined with an interior filled with works of art and rooms which gave shelter to pilgrims in times of old.

Parador de Leon ***** 16TH C. MONASTERY-HOSPITAL

Este hotel fue un antiguo convento, utilizado como hospital para albergar los peregrinos en camino a Santiago de Compostela. Su contribución comenzó alrededor de 1515 en este edificio monumental de fachada plateresca.

Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo

This Parador is located in the illustrious town of Villafranca del Bierzo, capital of a very beautiful region and former station on the road to Santiago. Its architecture imitates the lines and forms of nearby, closely-felt Galicia. The landscapes of the Ancares mountain range to the north complement the beauty of the Parador's garden.

Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo *** LARGE HOUSE EMBRACED BY WILD VINES

Se encuentra en el norte de la región de Castilla-León. Es un edificio moderno a 511 metros sobre el nivel del mar y rodeado de montañas.

Parador de Vilalba

This impressive medieval Galician tower, today a Parador, dominates the urban and rural landscape of this town in Lugo, capital of the fertile region of the 'Terra Chá', lands which grew up around this tower and in which the gentlemen of Andrade, Counts of Vilalba, would live. The Parador offers cozy, peaceful spaces with a medieval look; the 6 rooms located in the tower and the Salon de los Andrade also share this style, all with mural paintings and coats of arms.

Parador de Vilalba **** 15TH CENTURY MEDIEVAL TOWER

Se encuentra en el centro del pueblo, con vistas al campo.

Monforte de Lemos
Situated at the highest point of the town of Monforte de Lemos is the San Vicente do Pino monumental complex, comprised of the Keep, the San Vicente do Pino Monastery and the Condes de Lemos Palace; the latter two house the Parador de Monforte's facilities. The origins of the monastery date back to the 9th century, although the current building, erected on the site of an earlier one, is Neo-classical and dates to the 17th century.

Parador de Monforte de Lemos **** 17TH CENTURY BENEDICTINE MONASTERY

Parador de Ribadeo

The Parador occupies a large Galician house at the mouth of the Eo, a marine and tourist enclave on the border of the Asturian coast. Its magnificent position, on the Asturian outskirts of Galicia, offers the possibility to contemplate unique views of the Galician countryside, the Eo estuary and the small Asturian villages on the other shore; those which can be seen from the dining room are extraordinary. A marine style prevails on the inside, with an air of grace and elegance. The bedrooms are friendly and comfortable, and some have splendid panoramic views.


Madrid Province
Parador de Chinchon

Founded by the Lords of Chinchón in the 17th c., this former Augustinian convent protects its monumental heritage in that of the old quarter of Chinchón, with its emblematic Plaza Mayor. In this framework, the cypress trees, roses and privets of the garden offer a beautiful picture, with the addition of a splendid cloister and softened by the blue of its swimming pool. Walls with a Renaissance stamp, large windows and vaults, classical and Castilian style furniture, and its pleasant, spacious bedrooms make up the inner space, which is characterized by an atmosphere of peace and quiet.


El hotel fue insertado en un convent agustiniano del siglo XVII y está construido de ladrillos y mampostería. El edificio también fue utilizado, en su tiempo, como cárcel y judgado.

Malaga Gibralfaro

This Parador rises up surrounded by pine trees on the Gibralfaro mountain and facing the 'Alcazaba' citadel, from where the Bay and the city of Málaga can be seen from a unique perspective. Built from stone next to the Gibralfaro castle, its position allows easy visits of Málaga and it is suitable for numerous sporting activities: golf, tennis, etc., in the nearby facilities of the Parador del Golf. The common spaces, in addition to the bedrooms and the swimming pool on the top floor, enjoy beautiful views of the city and the sea, also offering an excellent level of comfort.

Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro **** A BALCONY OVER MÁLAGA

El Parador de Málga Gilbralfaro se levanta rodeado de pinos en las montañas de Gibralfaro y encarando la Alcazaba, un lugar con unas vistas excepcionales de la Bahía y de la ciudad de Málaga.

Parador de Nerja


The Parador is located on a cliff next to the sea, in a setting suitable for enjoying the coast, the beautiful natural spots of the area and the beach, which can be reached by means of an original lift. The entrance to the building has a splendid garden whose greenness contrasts with the blue of its swimming pool.

Malaga Golf

The sea, the enormous hedges of flowers, golf and Andalusian enchantment define the space in which this Parador rises up, concentrating all the charms of the Costa del Sol in its setting. Playing golf as a sport and a continuous challenge, along with all the leisure activities which the Parador offers, converts it into an ideal place to offer yourself an unforgettable break. The spacious and bright bedrooms offer beautiful views of the sea, the large swimming pool and the golf course.


El Parador de Málaga Golf se levanta frente al mar concentrando todo el encanto de la Costa del Sol en su entorno. Jugar al golf como deporte y practicar todas las actividades de ocio, convierten a esta propiedad en el lugar ideal para pasar unas vacaciones inolvidables.

Parador de Antequera

This spacious, quiet Parador, surrounded by green gardens and with a refreshing swimming pool, is close to all the provincial capitals of Andalusia. Ideal for holding social gatherings, it is surrounded by a lush fertile plain and the Torcal, a peculiar spot with geological formations. Antequera also has a rich historical and artistic heritage. The inner rooms are spacious, with light shades dominating in the wood of the ceilings, walls and floors.

Parador de Antequera *** Region: Andalusia / IN THE HEART OF ANDALUSIA

Parador de Mellla

Parador de Melilla *** VIEWPOINT OF THE CITY

This Parador is located on a hill, from which the walled town and the extensive beaches surrounding it can be seen. Rising up over a small valley in the upper part of the Lobera park, this building, bathed in the North African sun, enjoys a quiet position thanks to its private garden and refreshing swimming pool. Comfortable facilities share elegance and simplicity in the decoration of the bedrooms, with attractive panoramic views from their terraces.

Murcia - province
Puerto de Lumbreras

Located at a key point between Levante and Andalusia, the Parador de Puerto Lumbreras is an ideal spot to discover the beauty of the region of Murcia or to explore the paths of Andalusia. Its facilities include a complex suitable for rest and leisure, and houses guests both for business trips and summer holidays. The swimming pool and the well cared-for garden form the ideal space to enjoy a pleasant stay, and the rest of the premises offer gracefulness and good taste. The most noteworthy feature, however, is the light, which enhances the pastel shades of the interior.


El hotel se encuentra a solo unos kilómetros de Lorca. La ciudad ofrece varios ejemplos arquitectónicos magníficos como "La Colegiata de San Patricio", las Iglesias de San Francisco y del Carmen, el Ayuntamiento y "La Casa de los Guevera".

Navarra Province
Parador de Olite

The Parador occupies one of the wings of the majestic 15th C. palace-castle, declared a National Monument, on which the towers and battlements stand out. In keeping with its medieval setting, it rises up on solid stone walls and offers a glimpse of the numerous historical adventures it lived through in other times, such as the holding of parliament under the government of the Noble King.


El parador se encuentra al lado de un monumento nacional, un magnífico castillo-palacio. Las cómodas instalaciones del parador se mezclan bien con las características medievales del castillo, y permite que exista una armonía entre el pasado y el presente.

Santo Estevo

Parador de Santo Estevo **** IN THE HEART OF THE RIBEIRA SACRA

The new Parador is housed in the Santo Estevo de Rivas de Sil monastery, in Nogueira de Ramuín (Ourense). It is located in a region populary know as the birthplace of the 'afiladores y paraguerios' (knife sharpeners and umbrella holders) and is one of the towns in Ourense in which the topography and the confluence of the rivers Miño an Sil create spectacular spaces that are worth visiting. The Monastery is one of Galicia's oldest, founded in the 6th century a.c.e. The original construction is Romanesque, though does show Gothic tendencies. Worth nothing are its 18th century baroque facade, its monumental staircase and its three cloisters: 'De la portería', 'De la Cocina', and 'De los Obispos'. The latter is the only cloister in Galicia, together with the cathedral in Tui, whose original construction has been preserved intact.

Parador de Verin

Located opposite the Monterrei fortress, the Parador recreates the construction of a traditional Galician country house, with a central battlemented tower, beautiful, panoramic views of the castle and Verín and the Valley's prestigious vineyards. Some of the bedrooms have views of the refreshing swimming pool and the gardens. 'Merluza a la gallega' (hake Galician style) and 'filloas' (type of crepe) in cream scented with eau de vie are good examples of the gastronomy on offer.


El hotel se halla frente a un impresionante castillo medieval conocido como la fortaleza de Monterrey. En la colina, donde el edificio medieval estuvo una vez, se pueden ver las viviendas originales fortalecidas.

Palencia province
Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga

The privileged setting of this Parador, which forms part of the Fuentes Carrionas Reserve, determines its most representative features. Nature can be seen in all its splendour in the Picos de Europa and the blue waters of the Ruesga reservoir and the Romanesque art, which here becomes the real protagonist of the landscape, offer the site a unique, incomparable beauty.

Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga *** Region: Castile and Leon - AN IMPRESSIVE SETTING BETWEEN NATURE AND THE ROMANESQUE

Se encuentra en una zona tranquila en el campo, al lado de la reserva natural de Ruesga, en los Picos de Europa. Desde aquí se pueden hacer varias excursiones para disfrutar de vistas maravillosas en esta parte del país.

Pontevedra Province
Parador de Baiona

Occupying the Monterreal Peninsula, this is one of the most extraordinary Paradores, half medieval fortress and half Galician stately architecture. It rises up as an impressive viewpoint over the ocean, surrounded by a walled enclosure, protected by the sea and flanked by a beautiful pine wood. The Parador has regal and elegant common rooms in which decorative elements from other times abound.

Parador de Baiona **** WALLED FORTRESS SURROUNDED BY THE SEA / Region: Galicia

Este parador es conocido por el nombre de "Conde de Gondomar", en memoria del governador por vida de Monte Real. Es un complejo maravilloso, situado en 18 hectáreas de terreno precioso. Tiene vistas a Vigo y a Bayone Rias.

Parador de Pontevedra

This Parador occupies a palace which was formerly the residence of the Counts of Maceda. It rises up in the historical centre of the town and combines regal, noble and stately lines with innumerable references to a rural dream in a setting which invites you to visit numerous coves and beaches. Distinguished, stately and illustrious are three adjectives which define an interior where famous details, antiques and regal style furniture abound, and there are also relaxing views over the garden.

Parador de Pontevedra **** 16TH CENTURY RENAISSANCE PALACE

Parador de Cambados

The former Pazo de Bazán country house, an ancestral mansion on which construction begain in the 17th c., is located in the green landscape of the Rías Baixas, specifically in the Ría de Arousa. Luxuriant pine groves, beaches, coves and numerous country houses run along the Galician coast. The Parador is located in the centre of the small town of Cambados, a short distance from the Isla de la Toxa, and has an attractive inner courtyard in which the arcades, the fountain and a slender palm tree stand out.

Parador de Cambados *** Region: Galicia / FORMER COUNTRY HOUSE FACING THE AROUSA ESTUARY

Parador de Tui

The Parador of the historical town of Tui, on the border with Portugal, faithfully reproduces a rural Galician country house, in a setting with mountains and rivers. This establishment is ideal for sports lovers and for outdoor activities. With its granite walls, Galician chestnut- wood floors, ceilings, beams and staircases, it recreates the decoration of the typical local country houses. The soft shades of the walls and the rustic furniture achieve a friendly and peaceful atmosphere in the comfortable bedrooms. It also has a splendid swimming pool and a beautiful garden.


Es un hotel recomendado para cazadores y pescadores, y para aquellos que deseen la tranquilidad del Valle de Mino.

Parador de Ronda

In the centre of the city, in a privileged location, next to the emblematic Puente Nuevo in Ronda, built in the year 1761, this Parador rises up over the former town hall. It is an impressive enclave, with unique views of the Tagus, in a gorge some 120 metres deep. Blues, greens, yellows and reds make up the shades of the interior. The most colourful materials decorate the sofas and curtains of bright, spacious living rooms with an abundance of plants. It has a swimming pool and cheerful bedrooms with beautiful views and comfortable split-level suites with terraces.

Parador de Ronda **** FORMER TOWN HALL

En el centro de la ciudad, en un lugar privilegiado, cerca del emblemático Puente Nuevo en Ronda, está este Parador de Ronda levantado sobre lo que en tiempos fuese el Ayuntamiento.

Salamanca Province
Parador de Salamanca

This Parador rises up on the left bank of the river Tormes, on a hillock opposite the monumental centre of the city. Its large windows become an exceptional viewpoint of the city, an open-air museum, in which the towers of the cathedral stand out. Elegance, comfort and spaciousness are three of the traits which characterize the common rooms, the meeting rooms and the bedrooms. Decorated with good taste thanks to the presence of marble and other luxury materials, the interior offers unsurpassable panoramic views which can be contemplated from all the living rooms, the swimming pool or from the majority of the bedrooms.


Este hotel es un edificio moderno, situado en la orilla izquierda del Río Tormes, en un monte enfrente del centro monumental de la ciudad.

Parador Ciudad de Rodrigo

Rising up on a cleft on the fertile plain of the river Águeda and covered with ivy, this castle has a keep which is an unsurpassable observatory for contemplating the landscapes of the Campo Charro. It is an ideal enclave to discover the beauty of a splendid natural setting and to admire the rich monumental heritage of Ciudad Rodrigo. After passing through its well cared-for garden, inside detailed period aspects stand out, Castilian furniture, a splendid courtyard and cheerful bedrooms, some with exceptional views.

Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo **** Region: Castile and Leon-14TH CENTURY CASTLE

El Parador se encuentra incorporado en el Castillo Alcazar de Enrique II de Trastamara.

San Sebastian

Parador de Hondarribia

Founded by the Navarrese king Sancho Abarca in the 10th c., this Parador rises up in a beautiful castle which maintains the structure of a medieval fortress in a monumental, coastal setting. Its defensive appearance, with thick walls, conceals an interior recovered with mastery. The immense, naked stone of the courtyard stands out, as do the beautiful views of the French coast and the sea, which the guest can contemplate from the splendid terrace or from some bedrooms.


El parador de Hondarribia ocupa un castillo sólido con vistas al estuario de Bidasoa. Fue fundado por el rey navarro Sancho Abarca, pero su apariencia actual data de la época del rey Carlos V.

Santander Province
Parador de Santillana Gil Blas

The Parador is installed in the beautiful Barreda-Bracho ancestral home, in the Santillana del Mar plaza, a town declared a National Monument, whose origins date back to the 8th century. The main entrance precedes diaphanous, friendly rooms, with wooden floors and traditional decoration for the furniture and the ornamental details.

Parador de Santillana Gil Blas **** 17th-18th CENTURY ANCESTRAL HOME

El hotel Parador se halla en la plaza de Santillana del Mar, una ciudad declarada Monumento nacional y cuyos orígenes datan del siglo VIII.

Parador de Fuente De

This modern mountain refuge located on the foothills of the Picos de Europa and opening onto the fertile Liébana valley, shows nature in total freedom. It is surrounded by the dramatic slopes of the Picos de Europa, woods and hillsides, in a region which is split into modest hamlets. The building is located at the bottom of the cable car which goes up to the Áliva viewpoint, at a privileged meeting point for lovers of outdoor activities.

Parador de Fuente De *** Region: Cantabria -SHELTERED BY THE PICOS DE EUROPA

El Parador de Fuente De, también conocido como un moderno refugio de montaña, esta localizado sobre las colinas de los Picos de Europa en la terminal del teleférico, con lo cual el invitado tiene una estupenda vista de Aliva, siendo este lugar un punto de reunión privilegiado para los amantes de actividades al aire libre.

Parador de Segovia

Modern, welcoming and surprising, this Parador rises up in one of the most monumental cities of Spain, declared a World Heritage Site. From it can be seen the best panoramic view of Segovia. It is moreover an ideal setting to approach the numerous natural spaces of the province. The bedrooms of the Parador are spacious and comfortable, and enjoy splendid views of the city, as does the dining room and the outdoor swimming pool.

Parador de Segovia **** A PARADOR WITH VIEWS

El Parador de Segovia es un moderno, acogedor y sorprendente edificio que se levanta en unas de las ciudades más monumentales de España (declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad).

Parador de Carmona

The fertile plain of the river Corbones offers an outstanding panoramic view of this fortress, to which different civilizations have brought the best of their artistic culture. The splendid views are still protagonists from its extraordinary swimming pool, landscaped areas, courtyard and Mudejar fountain, Cupulín function room and terrace. The bedrooms are spacious, bright, and in exquisite taste thanks to the classical decoration which, along with the Sevillian tiles, enhances the value of this 14th c. fortress.

Parador de Carmona **** 14 th c. Arab Fortress w/pool in Monumental Town

El parador se llama "Alcazar del Rey Don Pedro", fue construido en el Alcazar de Arriba, una de las tres fortalezas musulmanas de la ciudad. Fue utilizado por el rey Don Pedro I que lo convisrtió en un lujoso palacio.

Parador de Soria

The Parador rises up on a privileged height from which the extraordinary panorama of this monumental town and of the Duero can be contemplated. Its splendid large windows offer a unique landscape. The shadow of Antonio Machado, present throughout the town, can also be appreciated in the Parador, which displays photographs and poems of the Sevillian author in many of its common rooms.


El Parador está construido en un privilegiado lugar desde donde la belleza de la ciudad y del río Duero se contemplan de forma muy especial.

Parador de Tortosa

Parador de Tortosa **** 10TH C. CASTLE

In the middle of the fertile plain of the Ebro and backed by the Beceite mountains, which can be superbly viewed from the swimming pool and balconies, the Parador rises up in the upper part of the town, in a setting which combines the monumental beauty of the town with the attractions of the different natural enclaves which surround it. Abderramán III decided to build this fortification, which now houses La Zuda (the well), next to four splendid large Catalan Gothic windows.

Tenerife Island
Parador el Hierro

Parador El Hierro **** Isla El Hierro / THE MEETING OF SEA AND MOUNTAINS

The Parador is located next to the sea, opposite the Roque de Bonanza, in a heavenly setting where the sea and the volcanic mountains meet. This modern building, dotted with beautiful balconies, is ideal for rest and tranquillity. Its elegant, colonial interior preceded by a fascinating garden with swimming pool, is cheerful and friendly. The bedrooms are very comfortable and some of them look out over the ocean, offering magnificent views which define its impressive immenseness, from which you can enjoy the tempting murmur of the waves.

Parador de la Palma

The new Parador de la Isla de La Palma is located in an area of great natural wealth, near the capital of the island and the airport, known 'El Zumacal', within the municipal boundaries of Breña Baja. The Parador is built in modern and typical Canary style and features gardens well-stocked with indigenous plants.


El Parador de La Palma está situado en una zona de gran riqueza natural, cerca de la capital de la isla y del aeropuerto, conocida como El Zumacal, dentro de los límites municipales de Brena Baja.

Parador de Canadas del Teide


The island of the 'eternal spring', thanks to its unequalled climate, offers enormous contrasts and a wide variety of landscapes in its different areas. The Parador, located in the natural Cañadas del Teide crater, more than 2,000 metres above sea level, invites the guest to contemplate impressive panoramic views of the Teide cone, the Chaorra crater and the White Mountain.

Parador de Canadas del Teide **** Region: Canarias (Canary Islands)

El hotel Parador de Cañadas del Teide está situado en el cráter natural de las Cañadas del Teide, a más de 2.000 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

Parador de Alcaniz

Built on the hill top called the Cumbre de Cerro Pui-Pinos, this 12th-13th century castle-convent became the seat of the Order of Calatrava in 1179. Dominating the landscape of the Maestrazgo, it conserves the keep, the bell tower-sacristy and the part reconverted into an 18th c. Aragonese palace. Gothic walls, plateresque tomb and baroque façade are inserted into an interior with soft, red and green coloured shades, adorned with Spanish wood in furniture and beams. Historic Castle-Convent in Monumental Town.

Parador de Alcaniz *** CASTLE OF THE ORDER OF CALATRAVA / Region: Aragon

El Parador de Alcaniz se eleva en una conocida zona llamada la Cumbre de Cerro Pui-Pinos. La propiedad es un castillo-convento del siglo XII y XIII de la Orden de Calatrava.

Parador de Teruel

Located on the outskirts of historical Teruel, it perfectly expresses the mixture of cultures and styles of this interesting monumental city which conceals some of the most representative buildings of Mudejar art. This small Mudejar inspired palace also combines numerous styles and lines in its construction. Marble, tiling, pointed arches and Arabic details form the essence of cheerful and bright rooms, decorated in pastel shades.


Situado a 2 Km. de Teruel, este hotel cuenta con buenas vistas de la capital.

Toledo Province
Parador de Toledo

Located on the Cerro del Emperador by a meander of the river Tagus, this Parador offers an incomparable panoramic view of the monumental profile of Toledo, with its most precious jewels, such as the cathedral, the Alcázar (fortress) and the synagogues. The Parador also offers the possibility to enjoy its refreshing swimming pool and to plan outdoor activities. From the bedrooms, living rooms, terrace and swimming pool can be seen beautiful views of the Imperial City, while the interior stands out for its spaciousness and luxurious facilities.


El Parador de Toledo se halla en el llamado Cerro del Emperador y ofrece una vista única de la ciudad de Toledo con todas sus atracciones artísticas como la catedral, el Alcázar y las sinagogas.

Parador de Oropesa

The ancestral home of the Álvarez family of Toledo, the Counts of Oropesa, which was a refuge for soldiers, monks and nobles in other times, offers exceptional panoramic views of the Gredos mountain range. The historical value of the Keep backing on to the Parador, the columns and arcades of the courtyard, and the swimming pool, with exceptional views of the flat lands of the Campo Arañuelo, form a very attractive whole.

Parador de Oropesa **** 14TH CENTURY CASTLE-PALACE

El Parador de Oropesa es una ancestral casa que en tiempos pasados ha funcionado como refugio para soldados, monjes y nobleza.

Parador El Saler

The quality of its facilities and services makes it an ideal place to enjoy pleasant and active family holidays.
The interior combines classical and elegant lines with others of an innovative character. The bedrooms are spacious and comfortable, and some offer magnificent views of the Mediterranean.
It also has several fully equipped conference rooms for working meetings and social functions. The culinary display of the Parador offers the typical rice dishes of the region, its most emblematic dish being 'paella valenciana'.


El Parador se encuentra a 12 km de Valencia, entre La Albufera y el mar. Está rodeado de pinos y las vistas a ambas direcciones son maravillosas. El Saler es un lago al norte de La Dehesa, un bosque estrecho de pinos y colinas que separa La Albufera del Mar Mediterráneo.

Valladolid Province- Region: Castile and Leon
Parador de Tordesillas

This ancestral home rises up in the historical Castilian town of Tordesillas, an important crossroads since Roman times, in a place where the green and nature offer the guest the best of the landscape. A beautiful pine grove, with a spacious, well cared-for garden, surrounds the Parador offering the tranquillity, calm and placidity of natural spaces. The Castilian style dominates in the external lines and in the interior, where some of the rooms contain valuable antiques.


El hotel se encuentra a las afueras de la ciudad histórica Tordesillas, a 1 km del centro de la ciudad y rodeado de una preciosa arboleda. Está muy cerca de los castillos de Torrelobatón, Olmedo, Simancas, Medina del Campo, Mota del Marqués, Toro, Tiedra y Urdena.

Zamora Province
Parador de Zamora

This palace, built on the site of a former Roman fortress in the middle of the 15th c., rises up in the historical centre of the capital of the province of Zamora and offers the traveller the opportunity to discover all the beauty of the natural, monumental and artistic surroundings of the lands of Zamora. The medieval aroma of the interior, which can be appreciated in armour, noble rugs and attractive four poster beds, is combined with the Renaissance style of its courtyard, glazed wooden gallery and coats of arms.

Parador de Zamora **** 15TH C. RENAISSANCE PALACE

El hotel ocupa un palacio renacentista en un lugar delicioso para los amantes del arte. El palacio fue construido en 1459 por el primer Conde de Alba y Aliste. Este palacio está en el centro histórico de la capital de la provincia de Zamora.

Parador de Benavente

The seat of parliament in 1202, this Renaissance style castle was built by order of Fernando II de León and forms part of the former walled enclosure of the town. Practically razed to the ground in 1808 during the Peninsular War, it conserves the monumental Torre del Caracol, where there is a living room with an admirable Mudejar coffered ceiling. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the interior contains classical decorative elements such as rugs, forged lamps, coffered ceilings, wood and Castilian bricks.

Parador de Benavente **** Region: Castile and Leon

El Parador de Benavente está al final del Paseo Ramón y Cajal, en un lugar conocido como los Jardines de la Mota, en el centro del pueblo.

Parador de Puebla de Sanabria

The Parador is located in a privileged place, just 12 km from the marvellous Sanabria lake, the largest in Spain of glacial origin. In the middle of the region of Sanabria, on the border with Portugal, the Parador is ideal for taking in great lovers of travel and nature who approach this enclave to begin hikes and green tourism routes, which please the eye and calm the spirit.

Parador de Puebla de Sanabria *** A WINDOW OPEN ON TO NATURE

El Parador de Puebla de Sanabria - Zamora está situado en un privilegiado lugar, a sólo unos kilómetros del Lago de Sanabria, el más grande de España de origen glacial.

Zaragoza Province
Sos del Rey Catolico

Of Aragonese character, the building conserves the monumental, historical and artistic atmosphere of Sos del Rey Católico. The town, declared a Historical-Artistic area, was the birthplace of influential nobles and of the Catholic King, and the influence of the Aragonese and Navarrese foothills of the Pyrenees can be made out in its landscape. It is an appropriate setting to discover this medieval town and to visit areas of immense beauty.

Parador de Sos del Rey Catolico *** NOBLE ARAGONESE STYLE BUILDING

El hotel se encuentra dentro de los muros de la ciudad medieval de Sos, y está a 123 Km. de Zaragoza. La ciudad de Sos del Rey Católico ha sido declarada monumento nacional, como un complejo histórico y artístico.